News World The protest that shut down Hong Kong’s CBD

The protest that shut down Hong Kong’s CBD

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Tens of thousands of pro-democracy protestors continue to block Hong Kong’s financial district, after extraordinary scenes of violent clashes with police overnight.

Riot police armed with rifles fired tear gas and pepper spray into the crowd in an attempt to move protestors blocking a major Hong Kong thoroughfare.

The clashes come after a week of protests over restrictions on Hong Kong’s self-governance, with China vetting candidates in the elections for Hong Kong’s leader.

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Pepper spray and tear gas were used by police to disperse crowds which have camped outside Hong Kong’s government headquarters since Friday.

Photos from the scene posted on Twitter show police pointing guns at protestors and people fleeing from tear gas.

The sit-in has continued into the night, with demonstrators camping out overnight on one of Hong Kong’s highways in the financial district.

Dozens have been taken to hospital with injuries after clashing with police and being sprayed with tear gas and pepper spray.

Prominent pro-democracy group Occupy Central said it would stage a mass civil disobedience campaign and bring Hong Kong’s financial district to a standstill with a mass sit-in.

China, which stations a military garrison in Hong Kong, said it was confident the city’s administration could handle the protest.

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