News World Outrage over Indian ‘gang rape’ fashion shoot

Outrage over Indian ‘gang rape’ fashion shoot

Raj Shetye
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An Indian photographer has been lambasted for glamourising rape after he released a fashion shoot depicting a woman begin attacked by two men on a bus.

The photo shoot, entitled The Wrong Turn, was shot by photographer Raj Shetye, who claims he created the images to raise awareness to the dangers for Indian women.

However, critics have suggested that the images were inspired by the 2012 gang rape of a female student on a bus in Delhi.

Photo: Raj Shetye
Photo: Raj Shetye

In many of the images, a young woman is restrained by two men in a bus setting looking uncomfortable and afraid.

Mr Shetye has defended his work in a statement to the Mail Online:

“In today’s times when freedom of speech and expression is ripped off from a person merely through social media, it is a plight for an artist to keep his work in perspective and independent of public opinion,” Mr Shetye said.

“It’s unfortunate that I am compelled to justify my artistic expression of a social issue just as many artists (big and small) have had to do in the past.”

The December 2012 gang rape made headlines around the work due to its horrifying nature: a young woman was beaten and raped on a bus by six men, including the bus driver, and died days later from injuries.