News World MH17 parents: ‘she’s still alive’

MH17 parents: ‘she’s still alive’

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The parents of MH17 victim Fatima Dyczynski are flying to Ukraine to find their beloved daughter, whom they believe is still alive.

According to Fairfax Media, George and Angela Dyczynski arrived in Amsterdam from Perth early Thursday morning wearing t-shirts bearing the words “Fatima we love you” with plans to continue on to Donetsk to find 25-year-old Fatima.

“We still think she is alive so today we fly to Donetsk and we find her,’’ Dr Dyczynski said at Schiphol Airport, in Amsterdam.

“We want to go this night,” Mrs Dyczynski said.

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Fatima, the couple’s only child, was on her way to meet her parents in Perth to embark on a career as a space scientist.

Dr Dyczynski believes there is a possibility his daughter may have been catapulted into the sky while still strapped in to her seat, cushioning her landing and leaving her protected.

Fatima Dyczynski

He also believes the extremely cold temperatures at a high altitude could have allowed Fatima’s brain to enter hibernation, protecting her from the heat of the explosion.

The couple have ignored advice from Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who told relatives they would be”ill-advised” to visit the war-torn site of the crash.

When Dutch police prevented Dr and Mrs Dyczynski from visiting a makeshift memorial to the victims at Schipol Airport until they could provide their daughter’s medical information, their anger flared.

“I am the mum of Fatima and I represent a well known scientist, a beautiful girl and represent a very very special person,” Mrs Dyczynski said.