News World Villager: ‘Body came through my roof’

Villager: ‘Body came through my roof’

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A Ukrainian woman has given an emotional account of the moment a body from MH17 ploughed through her roof in the rural town of Rassypnoye.

Sixty-year-old Inna Tipunovais told News Limited that she wanted to know the name of the woman who landed in her home, believing that their lives were now intertwined.

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“I want to know about her, who she was, her name, these things but they just call her ‘Number 26’,” said Ms Tipunovais.

“The police tell me this ‘we call her Number 26’ before they put all of her in a black bag and carried her away….It was very sad,” she said.

The woman was visiting a friend when her 27-year-old son called her to tell her that he thought a bomb had smashed through the roof of her small home in the rural village.

In a story now common amongst Ukrainians living in the crash area, Ms Tipunovais returned home to see body parts scattered around her home.

“I know this is all part of war but it is very sad,” she said.

Ms Tipunovais’s elderly neighbour also had the body of a passenger fall through his roof, with many villagers saying they can’t erase the scenes of falling bodies from their minds.

Villagers say that Ukrainian authorities are yet to talk to them about their distress.

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