News World MH17: The first of the conspiracy theories

MH17: The first of the conspiracy theories

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The plane was deliberately shot down as an excuse to start World War III

While this theory doesn’t answer the question of ‘who did it’, the theorists are looking at Russia, Israel or the US as the guilty party in bringing down the plane as an excuse to launch an attack and start WWIII.

The plane was deliberately shot down as a distraction

Exactly what it was distracting the world from is still TBC but speculation has arisen around the timing of Israel’s ground assault in Gaza.

The plane was deliberately shot down to cover up the origin of HIV/AIDS

This one is too far-fetched but Internet theorists are spreading rumours that the AIDS researchers on the flight heading for the World AIDS Conference in Melbourne were getting ready to tell the world that the AIDS virus was created in a lab.

The plane intentionally crashed and was not shot down

Care of YouTube conspiracy blogger DAHBOO77, a theory is floating around that the plane was diverted to Ukraine and intentionally crashed or blown up by bombs on board the flight. Linking to the WWIII theory, a world super power could then use this to start an invasion. Evidence? A video showing the plane exploding on the ground not in the air.

The plane never took off lists the plane as ‘cancelled’. It should be noted that FlightRadar24 has most likely done this because the flight never landed, not because it never took off.

The Illuminati were behind it

Because no list of conspiracy theories is complete without the Illuminati. And this one is a numbers game. MH17 allegedly first flew on 17/7/1997, has been in service for 17 years and is a Boeing 777. According to Illuminati Numerology, these numbers are supposedly important for the Illuminati, particularly the number seven. For a full explanation into how and why the Illuminati could be behind MH17 have a read of the Illuminati Watcher’s blog.

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