News World World’s most prolific writer revealed

World’s most prolific writer revealed

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A Swedish physicist has spent the past seven years writing content on Wikipedia, authoring 2.7 million of the site’s articles.

Wikimedia analytics, which measures the site’s traffic, estimates that Sverker Johansson has written 8.5 per cent of Wikipedia’s total collection, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

The 53-year-old holds degrees in linguistics, civil engineering, economics and particle physics, and says that he is interested in the origin of “everything”.

But Mr Johansson faces criticism for using a computer program, known as a bot, to help him author what he estimates is 10,000 articles a day.

The bot, which took him months to create, scans the internet for information on a certain subject and then collates in into an article.

An increasing amount of content on Wikipedia is believed to be written by bots.

Other Wikipedia authors have criticised the work of Mr Johansson and the use of bots, which they say prizes quantity over quality.