News World We won’t bully other nations

We won’t bully other nations

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China’s president, Xi Jinping, says his country will never seek to impose its will on other nations, no matter how powerful it becomes.

“It’s not in Chinese peoples genes to seek to dominate or bully, to be militaristic. China will stick to a path of peaceful development,” he said.

“We will not interfere in other country’s affairs.”

Speaking in Beijing, where he hosted leaders from India and Myanmar, Mr Xi said that the era of super powers was over.

Many of China’s neighbours are embroiled in territorial disputes with Beijing.

They are concerned about China’s growing military spending and what some see as its increasing assertiveness.

Earlier this month, China sent four more oil rigs into the South China Sea, less than two months after it positioned a giant drilling platform in waters claimed by Vietnam.

Beijing’s increasing assertiveness in the potentially energy-rich waters, where sovereignty over countless islands and reefs is in dispute, has increased regional tensions.