News World Bulletproof blanket to protect US kids from gunmen

Bulletproof blanket to protect US kids from gunmen

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After the multitude of school shootings in the US in recent years, a protection technology company called Bodyguard has developed a bulletproof blanket for children to hide under should their school come under siege.

Spurred on by tragic incidents like the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, Bodyguard created the bright orange blanket from military-grade materials.

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“Bodyguard™ blanket is designed to be bullet resistant,” the official site proclaims. “It is made of the same materials our U.S. soldiers wear while in battle, and is equal to or exceeds the protection used by our police departments. After extensive research, it is estimated that Bodyguard™ blanket provides bullet resistant protection against 90% of all weapons that have been used in school shootings in the United States.”

The creators of the blanket are seeking to have it implemented as part of lockdown protocol in all American schools.

The blanket is also designed to keep children safe during a tornado.

Online critics have questioned whether the blankets, which cost $1000 each, promote the wrong standards of safety.

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