News World Soldier’s girl didn’t wait

Soldier’s girl didn’t wait

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Released Taliban detainee Bowe Bergdahl will find himself a single man when he returns home to America.

The U.S. sergeant was kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2009, leaving his girlfriend Monica Lee in limbo.

In videos released by his captors, Bergdahl told his girlfriend to go on with her life and not feel like she had to wait for him.

Lee, who was 19 at the time, moved on and has been in a relationship with her current boyfriend Justin Forsdick since 2012.

Bergdahl’s former girlfriend was hiking with friends when her mother called her to tell her the news of his release.

In a Daily Mail report, the 25-year-old asked her mother, Allison “what do I do now?”

The American government’s decision to release five Taliban commanders from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for Bergdahl has come under fire.

Mike Rogers, a Michigan politician, told CNN that the move would encourage more terrorists to seek releases by capturing American soldiers.

Senator Ted Cruz told the ABC that the Obama administration had put a price on the head of other U.S. troops.

The government of Qatar, who brokered the deal, has taken custody of the detainees and assured that they will be carefully watched.

The men were high level officials during the Taliban regime and have been in American custody for more than 10 years.