News World Appy days for golfers

Appy days for golfers

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Learning proper golf technique requires a lot of work but now golfers can practise on their mobile phones, thanks to golfing apps.

They’re not all gimmicks, says Joerg Schlockermann of the German Golf Association.

For beginners especially, the apps can be useful, although they’ll never replace an actual coach.

The Android app Golf Etiquette answers fundamental questions such as whether the user should take golf lessons, what basic equipment they need and if golf shoes are strictly necessary.

The Android app Golf Strength Training Workout offers exercises to help a golfer improve their strength and conditioning, both of which can have a positive impact on how far a player can hit the ball.

Videos show how to do the exercises properly.

Also an Android app, Golf Swing Analysis allows users to view their own swings and identify weaknesses. A selection of videos showing professionals’ swings are included for comparison.

Swing analysis is also available for the iPhone and iPad.