News World Video: Massive tunnel bomb erupts in Syria

Video: Massive tunnel bomb erupts in Syria

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Video has emerged of a massive tunnel bomb attack by rebels in Syria which reportedly targeted government strongholds and military trucks.

The footage shows an explosion at the Tallet al-Swadi government checkpoint, with The Telegraph reporting the explosion had been attributed to the Islamic Front rebel group.

According to Reuters, rebels detonated 60 tonnes of explosives packed underneath the army base, “blowing a hillside hundreds of meters (yards) into the air, an insurgent in the operation who provided footage of the attack said on Thursday”.

The number of people killed and injured was not known.

Reuters reported that an Islamic Front commander said that his “brigade dug a 850-metre (2,800-foot) tunnel underneath Wadi al-Deif base, which is surrounded by rebels but has remained inside government control for the entirety of the three-year-long civil war”.

This sort of attack on a government stronghold is not uncommon in war-ravaged Syria, but the use of large tunnel bombs is a new tactic in the fight agains the Assad regime.