News World Bombings kill 19 people in Iraq

Bombings kill 19 people in Iraq

A British armoured vehicle on the outskirts of Basra
Sources suggest the inquiry into UK's involvement in the Iraq war could declassify records in 2014.
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A series of bombings in Iraq has killed 19 people, a day after army shelling claimed 11 civilians and gunmen in the militant-held city of Fallujah.

Police officials say the deadliest of Saturday’s attacks happened in the afternoon when a suicide bomber drove his explosives-laden car into the security checkpoint in Dujail, 80 kilometres north of Baghdad, killing six security force members and a civilian.

They say the attack also wounded 15 people.

Earlier, police said a bomb blast at an outdoor market killed four people and wounded 17 in the town of Tarmiyah, just north of the capital.

Another bomb exploded near a patrol of Sunni anti-al-Qaeda militiamen in the town of Dawr, killing three Sunni fighters and wounding two.

At night, a car bomb exploded near a Kebab restaurant in in Baghdad’s mainly Shi’ite Habibiya neighbourhood, killing five people and wounding 14 others.

Meanwhile, army shelling on Fallujah killed eight civilians and three gunmen on Friday, Fallujah hospital doctor Ahmed al-Shami said on Saturday.

Militants took over parts of the Anbar provincial capital of Ramadi and the nearby city Fallujah in December. Army and police forces have battled them for months but failed to regain control.