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Corby interview relief

Schapelle Corby
The Seven Network will not confirm that it has secured an exclusive interview with Schapelle Corby.
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Schapelle Corby has avoided punishment over an inflammatory TV interview, with Indonesian authorities finding no grounds to send her back to jail.

The convicted drug smuggler was released from a Bali jail in February, but a month later her sister Mercedes endangered her parole by speaking to the Seven Network.

In the interview, she continued to argue her sister was innocent, and speculated the 4.1kg of marijuana found in the body board bag in 2004 may have come from Indonesia, or been placed there by a baggage handler.

Authorities promised to investigate whether the controversial comments breached Corby’s parole by causing unrest the community.

The matter remained unresolved while Justice Minister Amir Syamsuddin campaigned for the legislative elections, which were held on Wednesday.

On Friday, the Office of the Corrections Director-General, which reported to the minister on the issue, confirmed to AAP it found “no legal grounds to stop Corby’s parole”.

Spokeswoman Ika Yusanti said authorities would not punish Corby over the words of her sister.

“The one who said it was Mercedes and not (Schapelle) Corby herself,” she said.

“So yes, (the parole) still goes on and believe us, she’s still under our supervision. We will closely watch her.”

Corby also won’t be investigated over secretly-filmed footage that shows her former cellmate, Renae Lawrence, alleging the 36-year-old confessed to her that she knew the drugs were in her bag, and that she’d smuggled before.

Law and Human Rights Ministry spokesman Goncang Raharjo said Corby had been reporting for parole without issue, and would continue to be evaluated monthly.

The interview with Lawrence, who remains in a Bali jail for her part in the Bali Nine drug smuggling conspiracy, “couldn’t be considered as evidence”.

“No, it won’t affect things at all for Corby,” he said.

“She could only go back to jail for instance, if she was taking a walk on the street and then she slapped someone.”

But Mr Raharjo said Lawrence must answer questions over her interview, which was broadcast on the Ten Network this week.

“What’s her motive?” he said.

“Is she going to be a whistle blower or justice collaborator?

“If yes, then why not report this to the police?”

Lawrence is serving a 20-year sentence and can apply for parole next year.

Corby’s parole requires her to live in Bali until 2017.