News World Skinny selfies under fire

Skinny selfies under fire

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The description reads “No one needs to know. It’s our little secret” but photo editing app SkinneePix may be promoting a not-so-subtle body image message.

The new mobile phone app allows users to edit their selfies to shave centimetres off their face and neck, visually dropping kilograms with the click of a button.


The motivation seemed innocent enough, with co-creator Susan Green telling the Huffington Post: “You’ve always heard about the camera adding 15 pounds, we just wanted to level the playing field.”

However, the app is already courting controversy, with critics saying the technology reinforces dangerous and unrealistic beauty standards placed on society.

The photoshop debate is an ongoing one, with celebrities split between supporting and criticising the photo editing phenomenon. While 17-year-old popstar Lorde has been vocal about embracing natural beauty, reality star Kim Kardashian was caught out for editing her own Instagram snaps.

Putting the alteration power in the hands of the general public is risky and has the potential for creating unnecessary image obsessions.

A Vaseline Facebook app was widely panned in 2010 for offering Indian users the opportunity to lighten their skin, promoting unrealistic and racist concepts of beauty to an entire country.

Green believes her app is just a motivational tool for people who need to clean up their lifestyle.

“We’re hearing now people are using it to motivate themselves to get healthy, that’s how I’m using that now, because I can see something that’s attainable,” she told the Huffington Post.

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