News World China calls MH370 families’ reactions ‘radical and extreme’

China calls MH370 families’ reactions ‘radical and extreme’

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In an attempt to alleviate tense relations with Malaysia, the Chinese government has criticised the families of the Chinese victims of the MH370 disappearance, calling their behaviour “radical” and “extreme”.

The Chinese relatives of MH370 passengers have staged several angry protests demanding answers from the Malaysian government, staging mass walk-outs of meetings and becoming the face of the crisis due to their emotional reactions at press conferences.

“We never said China was angry about the current situation and we never said we were dissatisfied about the progress so far that has been made,’’ Chinese Ambassador Huang Huikang told Malaysian reporters. “We are good friends. We are partners. This is just an incident which will never affect our good relations.’’

Mr Huang went on to explain that the Chinese families’ viewpoints were not reflective of China’s stance on the issue, describing them as “somewhat irresponsible.”

Nearly a month after the Boeing 777 mysteriously disappeared, China is making a concerted effort to improve their international image after being heavily critical of Malaysia’s management of the crisis.

The ambassador said he had confidence in the way the issue was being handled by Malaysian authorities.

The announcement comes days after China’s state media encouraged families to respond “rationally” to the news of their loved ones’ deaths.