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We’ll keep the Union Jack

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Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has reassured the British that Australia isn’t about to ditch the Union Jack from the national flag.

Ms Bishop on Tuesday was quizzed about the push by New Zealand prime minister John Key to change their flag to a black one with a silver fern.

“Believe it or not it (the flag) is not an issue that actually draws much attention in Australia,” Ms Bishop told BBC radio.

“I believe we will stick with the flag. There’s no great demand to change it and many Australians have fought and died under that flag, sadly.

“We have competed in Olympic Games under that flag and there’s a sense of pride in it.”

Ms Bishop is in the United Kingdom for the annual Australia-UK Ministerial (AUKMIN) meeting with her British counterpart William Hague and the defence ministers of both countries.

The foreign minister noted the Australian flag contained the Southern Cross which was “very Australian”.

She concluded Australia would keep the current flag and Queen “for the time being most certainly”. Ms Bishop met with her Majesty on Monday night.

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