News World Pressure for ‘unstable’ Schapelle Corby to be re-arrested

Pressure for ‘unstable’ Schapelle Corby to be re-arrested

Schapelle Corby
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The Indonesian authorities considering sending Schapelle Corby back to jail are now closely monitoring her behaviour, after she apparently took a knife to her wrist during an interview.

Bali’s parole boss Sunar Agus says the convicted drug smuggler twice grabbed a knife and tried to harm herself on Monday night, a claim the Corby family denies.

Corby is also reported to have locked herself in the toilet for a whole day as she struggles to cope with media attention and the prospect of being re-jailed.

Her brother-in-law Wayan Widyartha asked for space for the family, telling Fairfax she was heavily medicated for depression and hallucinating about media packs following her.

“It’s like illusion of peoples … If she goes out, it’s like she’s still seeing people (crowding her). She’s still traumatised.”

Five officers had visited the high-profile parolee to discuss the Seven Network’s program about her release from Kerobokan prison last month.

Agus says an “unstable” Corby reacted badly when he raised the prospect of the interview resulting in a breach of her parole, but she was stopped from harming herself by her sister Mercedes and his colleagues.

He says the decision about the TV program could still go either way, but speculation that Corby will be re-arrested is mounting.

Agus told reporters in Bali on Wednesday Corby’s parole could “possibly go on and possibly not go on”.

The incident he witnessed on Monday night “affects this greatly,” he said.

“What’s obvious is that we have to concentrate on Corby’s behaviour,” he said.

“She’s being tested on being free, (parole) is to test her preparation.

“What’s needed right now for Corby is mental improvement.”

Counsellors had been provided, and parole officers only had their advice to go on, Agus said.

After revealing that Corby had told him she believes the media even watches her sleep, Agus said she had also asked for foreign journalists to be deported.

“I will not go there and will not do it,” he said of the request.

Corby’s shock response to the officers’ visit came despite repeated warnings from authorities as high up as Indonesia’s Justice Minister Amir Syamsuddin that publicity could breach parole by upsetting the community.

Mercedes lobbied for permission to be interviewed instead of her 36-year-old sister, who she described as “broken” after nine years in jail.

Mercedes on Wednesday told Indonesia’s Metro TV the family was pleading for privacy.