News World Corby waits for freedom

Corby waits for freedom

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Schapelle Corby’s release from jail – potentially on Monday – has been a long time coming, but there are yet more bureaucratic hurdles she must jump before going to her new home.

The boss of Kerobokan Prison, Farid Junaedi, on Sunday confirmed the documents needed for the convicted drug smuggler’s parole had been sent from Jakarta.

If he gets the crucial paperwork by Monday morning, the Australian could leave in the afternoon.

Mr Junaedi will give a media conference at 10am local time (1pm AEDT) on Monday.

The first thing Corby, 36, will see when she gets out of Kerobokan’s four walls is another wall – of reporters.

Once past them, she will have more mundane tasks to fulfil.

From Kerobokan, officials say she will have to go to the prosecutor’s office for paperwork and fingerprinting that may take more than an hour.

The next stop is the corrections office, known as Bapas, where she will be interviewed further.

Corby will then be free to go to the address she has nominated on her parole forms, the Kuta home of her sister Mercedes and brother-in-law Wayan Widyartha.

It’s more than nine years since the then-Gold Coast resident took her ill-fated trip to Bali, and was arrested at the airport with 4.2 kilograms of cannabis.