News World Clock counts down to Corby’s freedom

Clock counts down to Corby’s freedom

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• Corby privacy should be respected: Bishop

Schapelle Corby could spend her last night in jail on Sunday, if documents allowing for her parole arrive in Bali the next morning.

The boss of Kerobokan prison, where the Australian has served nine years for drug smuggling, has promised to process her parole as quickly as possible.

Farid Junaedi says if the documents from Jakarta arrive on Monday morning, she could be free to go in the afternoon.

When Corby, 36, walks out of the prison’s steel doors, she will step into a media pack that has been steadily growing in size and excitement since last week.

From Kerobokan, officials say she will have to go to a parole office in Denpasar for fingerprinting.

The next stop is the corrections office, also in Denpasar, where she will be interviewed further about the conditions of her parole, including the arrangements for her monitoring.

Corby will then be free to go to the Kuta home of her sister Mercedes and brother-in-law Wayan Widyartha.

The agreement says she must live there, but authorities say she can move elsewhere in Bali, provided she advises them of her new address first.

It may be necessary, given the number of reporters already visiting Wayan’s home daily, and the fact that one of Corby’s parole conditions is that she doesn’t create “unease in society”.

Neighbours say they haven’t seen Mercedes in weeks, and were relaxed about having her infamous sister living nearby.

The traditional Balinese compound that’s home to Wayan’s extended family is down a narrow laneway, but isn’t private, with a steady flow of motorbike traffic.

Around the corner, on a bustling Kuta street, is Wayan’s small surf shop, Kuta Boardroom, which sells a range of bikinis that Corby intends to design while on parole.

The former Gold Coast resident was arrested in in 2004 for smuggling 4.2 kilograms of cannabis into Bali.