News World Corby parole decision today

Corby parole decision today

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In a matter of hours, Schapelle Corby will learn whether she will be released on parole from a Bali jail, after more than nine years locked up for a crime she insists she didn’t do.

Indonesian Justice Minister Amir Syamsuddin is expected to give a media conference in Jakarta at 1.30pm (5.30pm AEDT).

The minister was on Thursday petitioned by Indonesian MPs not to be lenient in the case of Corby, who was convicted with smuggling 4.2 kilograms of cannabis into Bali.

But he insists the Australian will be treated in the same way as the other 1700 applicants for parole whose cases he is considering.

Farid Junaidi, the governor of Kerobokan Prison where Corby is jailed, says if the minister grants parole, he will receive the decree by post.

After receiving the letter, he says there is still a process that must take place.

“From there, we deliver it to the prosecutor or BAPAS (the Corrections Socialisation Board),” he told reporters at the jail late on Thursday.

“From there then she could get out.”

Mr Junaidi said if the letter arrived on Friday afternoon, Corby could be released on Monday morning.

Australian media are camped outside the jail in anticipation of the event.

Corby would not be freed outside of office hours or at night “like a thief”, Mr Junaidi said.

“I don’t want to make anyone troubled,” he said.

“I don’t want to make simple things complicated.”

If paroled, Corby, 36, will live in the Kuta home of her sister.

The former Gold Coast beauty student has always maintained her innocence.