News World Alec Baldwin ‘stalker’ jailed

Alec Baldwin ‘stalker’ jailed

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A French-Canadian actress accused of stalking US movie star Alec Baldwin has been sentenced to 30 days in custody after been found in contempt of a New York criminal court.

Genevieve Sabourin, whom Baldwin first met in 2000 and admitted taking to dinner in New York in February 2010, repeatedly angered Judge Robert Mandelbaum for interrupting and heckling witnesses.

As the 55-year-old A-list actor testified for just under two hours on Tuesday, an angry and emotional Sabourin shouted that he was a liar, repeatedly interrupted and told his wife to go to hell.

On Wednesday, Sabourin, who is expected to take the stand herself at the New York state criminal court, continued to sigh, gesticulate and verbally express impatience.

She shouted that she did not trust her lawyer before being escorted away by officers during a short court recess.

Sabourin’s lawyer confirmed his client had been held in contempt and sentenced to 30 days in custody, but declined to comment further.

Baldwin denies having sex with Sabourin and accuses her of bombarding him with hundreds of unwanted phone calls and emails, and of sending “vile” Twitter messages to his wife.

She was arrested in April 2012, just days after showing up at Baldwin’s Manhattan apartment, after the star of the hit comedy TV comedy series 30 Rock filed stalking charges.

The Canadian actress denies stalking Baldwin and has said she just wants “closure” at the end of a romantic relationship.