News World Australian, NZ soldiers wounded in Afghan insider shooting

Australian, NZ soldiers wounded in Afghan insider shooting

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An Australian solider has been wounded after a member of Afghanistan’s national security force opened fire on NATO troops just outside the capital Kabul.

The incident occurred at a meeting at a facility where personnel from NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) help to train future Afghan army officers.

The Defence Force (ADF) says the Afghan solider was shot as Australian forces responded to the threat yesterday morning, but it is not known if he was killed.

However, the New Zealand Defence Force says the Afghan army officer was fatally shot by an Australian soldier.

The injured Australian soldier was treated for minor fragmentation wounds, the ADF said.

A New Zealand soldier was also hurt in the insider attack and received immediate treatment.

Acting Chief of the ADF, Air Marshal Mark Binskin, says the quick actions of coalition soldiers helped prevent more serious injuries.

“From initial reporting, it would appear that our soldiers reacted promptly and professionally, potentially saving any other ISAF or Afghan personnel from sustaining wounds or worse,” he said in a statement.

“It is impossible to completely remove the threat of insider attacks, but the actions of the ADF soldiers demonstrate that our training and force protection techniques are appropriate and prepared to respond, when incidents such as this occur.”

The Australian soldier is expected to return to duty soon.

The bulk of about 87,000 US-led NATO troops who are stationed in Afghanistan are scheduled to withdraw in 2014.

To date, 15 ADF personnel have been wounded in Afghanistan in 2013.