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WA Nationals leader Brendon Grylls loses seat of Pilbara

brendon grylls pilbara
Brendon Grylls ran a campaign to increase taxes on the state's two biggest iron ore miners. Photo: ABC
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West Australian Nationals leader Brendon Grylls has conceded defeat in his seat of Pilbara, following a $2 million campaign against him by the mining industry angry at his iron ore tax proposal.

Speaking to the Australian Associated Press, Mr Grylls said he would not be able to overturn a deficit of several hundred votes.

The ABC’s election computer no longer lists Pilbara as a seat in doubt, putting Labor’s Kevin Michel more than 500 votes ahead and declaring the seat for him.

“I can’t come back from this,” Mr Grylls said.

It is understood Mr Grylls will meet Mr Michel later today to concede defeat in person.

Mr Grylls has been contacted for further comment.

His defeat comes after the mining lobby waged a multi-million-dollar campaign against him, over his proposed tax on BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto.

Mr Grylls had wanted to increase a 25 cent per tonne iron ore lease rental fee imposed on the two miners to $5 per tonne.

Mr Michel told 720 Mornings the result was clear.

“At the end of the day the people are going to speak and the people have spoken,” he said.

Mr Grylls’ departure leaves the future of the WA National Party leadership in doubt, with either deputy Mia Davies or former leader Terry Redman most likely to take over the reins.


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