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Bull … shark … bar? Weird sight in Perth

bullbar shark
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A fisherman in Western Australia faced with a lack of space has resorted to tying a toothy catch to his car.

But rather than going for the roof, the fisherman deemed another location appropriate for the marine creature – the bullbar.

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A video of the motorist driving through Safety Bay, an outer suburb in Perth’s south, found its way to social media on Monday evening, and quickly spread bewilderment – even the author, who had seen it firsthand, was amazed.

“Just saw this in Safety Bay!! Had to look twice!!,” Julie Wright said in the video shared on the Perth & WA Fishing Reports page on Monday afternoon.

The species of the shark was unknown, but many speculated it was a tiger shark.

According to WA Fisheries, tiger sharks can grow as big as 6m and were recreationally protected if they had an interdorsal fin length – measured from the front of the first dorsal fin to about the end of the second – of more than 700mm.

This applied when taken from waters in southern parts of WA.

“Normally people will eat it, mount it or even eat it and keep the jaws as it looks like a tiger shark,” Perth & WA Fishing Reports Josh O’Neil told PerthNow.

“And normally people keep big fish like that in their boat, not in front of their car.”

See the video below

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