News State Western Australia News Geert Wilders drowned out by Perth protesters

Geert Wilders drowned out by Perth protesters

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A small but vocal group of protesters drowned out controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders at a media conference in Perth to announce Senate candidates for the newly formed Australian Liberty Alliance.

Chanting “Say it loud, say it clear, racists are not welcome here”, the handful of protesters used an amplifier to get their message across at the event, held in the fern garden at Parliament House.

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Flanked by security guards, Mr Wilders turned up late to the conference after ALA candidates Debbie Robinson, Kirralee Smith and Bernard Gaynor had briefly addressed the media.

Mr Wilders, who flew into Australia at the weekend, said he had been approached by many people keen to see the establishment of a new party.

The ALA was officially launched in secret in Perth yesterday to an audience of invited party members.

“I believe that yesterday the [launch of the] new party gave Australians, millions of Australians, new hope,” Mr Wilders said.

“New hope that there is a party committed to fight for freedom, for freedom of speech … and is committed to stop the Islamisation of Australia.”

He said the party was “not into political correctness” and would fight to “stop the immigration … stop the multiculturalism”.


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