News State Western Australia Crews continue to battle out-of-control WA fires

Crews continue to battle out-of-control WA fires

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Firefighters continue to battle three out-of-control bushfires in Western Australia’s south amid scorching temperatures.

Northcliffe residents have been given the go ahead to return home after a lightning-sparked bushfire burnt to within two kilometres of the township in the state’s far south.

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Because of the huge blaze the town was deemed “undefendable”, but fire crews from WA and interstate worked around the clock for more than one week to ease the threat.

On Saturday the emergency alert for Northcliffe was dropped to a watch and act, however it is still not safe for residents in the secluded coastal township of Windy Harbour to leave.

Rescue workers battle a bushfire at Northcliffe, WA. Photo: AAP

The fire has burnt more than 85,000 hectares.

Two homes and five sheds have been confirmed destroyed.

A separate bushfire burning near the community of Lower Hotham in the state’s south has also been downgraded to a watch and act.

But people have been told to remain vigilant as changing weather conditions may upgrade the warning level.

At least one house and two sheds were destroyed in the Lower Hotham fire, which has burnt more than 52,000 hectares.

A third watch and act is in place in Wattleup, south of Perth.

The bushfire, which started on Wednesday, is currently stationary and contained but not under control.

The cause of the fire is suspicious.

Temperatures in Perth were forecast to reach 40 degrees on Sunday.

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