News State Western Australia News Bashed by an ‘evil coward’

Bashed by an ‘evil coward’

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A Russian exchange student had to learn how to talk again after he was bashed from behind with a metal pole by “evil” attackers in broad daylight in Perth.

Alex, 16, said he was hit from behind with the pole after he refused to give his property to a man who confronted him on the way to Stirling train station in Innaloo about 3.15pm on July 26.

He had only been in Perth for six months at the time of the attack.

Alex said the first blow knocked him to the ground and doctors believe he was struck in the head another two times, leaving him with deep gashes to his scalp and a fractured skull.

Police are looking for three men Alex saw before the attack believed to be responsible for the assault.

“I don’t remember the actual hit, there was some impact obviously, I fell over and I could see him… the last thing I remember he just ran away,” Alex said.

“I thought it wasn’t that serious at first, I thought it was just cut in skin.”

The attack left Alex brain damaged, unable to remember his own birthday or how to speak English and Russian.

After a month in hospital, Alex regained the ability to speak both languages, although with some difficulty.

Alex said he was angry about the attack but would complete his high school studies in Perth and not go out at night.

“He was a coward,” he said.

“I don’t feel that Australia is a violent place, it’s a nice country.

“You can find these people in every country and you never can prevent everything from happening.”

Police are asking anyone with information regarding the incident, or who saw Alex in the area at the time, to call Crime Stoppers.