News State Western Australia ‘I won’t do a Reagan’

‘I won’t do a Reagan’

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West Australian Premier Colin Barnett has again been forced to dodge speculation about his leadership, but has refused to be baited on the opposition leader’s position.

While much has been speculated about whether Mr Barnett would lead the Liberals at the next election, state director Ben Morton put the attention back on Labor on Saturday at the Liberal party state conference.

Mr Morton said he did not believe Mark McGowan would be leading the opposition at the 2017 election.

Later, Mr Barnett told reporters he could not speculate on Mr McGowan’s future leadership prospects.

He also reiterated previous comments on his own leadership, saying he and his colleagues would make a decision on his future a year out from the next election.

“I’ve got a job to do. I’m loving the job, feeling good and we’re getting on with it,” Mr Barnett said.

“I’m not going to be (former US president) Ronald Reagan (and work) into my late 70s.

“I will leave politics at some stage, but it’s a long way away.”

Mr Morton also told the conference he was confident the Liberals would win the next election, and said he was sick of the negativity among some who he said were talking themselves into losing.

He added that he had his sights on winning more marginal Labor seats in 2017.