News State Western Australia News ‘Mother Nature is terrible’

‘Mother Nature is terrible’

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The town of Exmouth in Western Australia’s north-west has been cut off by flooding after a deluge of rain over the long weekend.

The airport has been closed and roads in and out of the town have been blocked after close to 200mm of rain since Friday morning.

Shire president Turk Shales says the floods have caused significant damage to some homes and shops, but there are no reports of injuries.

He says residents were largely unprepared for the deluge and the shire will hold a crisis meeting at 7:00am on Sunday morning.

“Mother nature is terrible … sometimes,” he said.

“It’s been happening in Queensland for quite some time. We understand what cyclones are like but unfortunately this is totally different. It’s incredible.

“The water has got to come out of the cape and there’s certain avenues where the water has to make its way to the ocean into the gulf itself. There’s no other way for that water to get there but go through the town … it’s not good.”