News State Western Australia News Concert ticket scalper jailed for one year

Concert ticket scalper jailed for one year

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A Perth man who pocketed $10,000 scalping concert tickets online by using a fake email, a phone under a false name and credit cards that did not belong to him has been jailed for 12 months.

Adam William Bogers pleaded guilty in the West Australian District Court to 36 charges related to dishonesty by selling tickets to two concerts on Gumtree, worth $30,000, and pocketing the profit, which he has since spent.

In sentencing on Thursday, Judge Audrey Braddock said Bogers’ actions affected many people.

“People lost their money, people would have been frightened that somebody else was using their credit card and people would have been inconvenienced thinking they had a ticket to attend a concert when they didn’t,” she said.

Judge Braddock said the crime had undermined people’s confidence in using their credit cards to make online purchases.

“It undermines the ability of people to put on events to sell their tickets online, it inconveniences everybody involved and it also undermines the business of the site Gumtree, which is these days used a lot by a lot of people, and people find it very convenient, but it depends upon it being used honestly,” she said.

The judge noted the scheme had been “moderately sophisticated” except that the transactions and the money were very easily traced back to Bogers’ bank account.

Judge Braddock also noted that Bogers had a criminal record that included other acts of dishonesty and a conviction of “flaming” email accounts, that is, bombarding people with multiple emails, including WA Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan.

The court also heard Bogers had some mental health issues and abused drugs, but Judge Braddock said he still knew the difference between right and wrong.

With parole, Bogers could be released from prison after serving six months.