News State Western Australia News Deadline looms for unlicensed guns amnesty

Deadline looms for unlicensed guns amnesty

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Western Australian police say people have until the end of the month to surrender unlicensed firearms as part of a state-wide amnesty.

Since August, more than 1,000 unlicensed firearms, including 400 from regional areas, have been surrendered to police.

The south-west recorded the highest number of firearms surrendered in regional WA, with 140.

In the Great Southern, 70 firearms have been handed in, while 64 have been surrendered in the wheatbelt.

In the mid-west Gascoyne, 45 firearms have been handed in.

Thirty-two firearms have been handed over in the Goldfields, 39 were handed in in the Kimberley, while the Pilbara recorded the lowest surrender rate at 29.

Senior Sergeant Martin Haime says people need to take their unlicensed firearms into their local police station.

“Obviously unloaded, which is a good circumstance,” he said.

“If they could bring them into the police station, preferably wrapped or anything along those lines, bring them in and just declare the fact of what they’re there for.

“The process certainly doesn’t take too long.

“We just need to register them, get their details and deal with them in that respect, so it’s a very simple process.”

Senior Sergeant Haime says people still have a few days to hand over unlicensed firearms without fear of prosecution

“The amnesty obviously ends at the end of the month and it was certainly designed on that basis that we give them the opportunity to hand them in and get rid of them and get them out of sheds and that sort of thing,” he said.

“Just to remove those firearms from the public arena is the big key and it might help to reduce something in the future of a tragic nature and that’s very much what it’s all about.”