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Making more money out of Muchea

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‘Presentation presentation presentation’ was the key message at the Muchea Livestock Centre first sheep producers open day this week.

Dozens of sheep producers were madly taking notes as they heard from agricultural insiders and livestock experts about how they can ‘make more money from Muchea’.

Chief Executive of the WA Meat Industry Authority Renata Paliskis says it’s a good chance for producers to find out what goes on behind the scenes.

“About 12 months ago we undertook a survey of our producers and some of the feedback that we received was clear in that producers wanted to get fairly close to us and the agents and the operation of the centre and they wanted to know more about it.

“There was some misinformation; there was a fair bit of curiosity particularly with it being a new centre.”

Independent livestock buyer Chris Medcalf shared his views on how to prepare sheep for market to capitalise on the best money available at Muchea.

He says farmers often underestimate the importance of presentation when it comes to livestock marketing.

“Presentation would be a very large percentage of your return.  If you present livestock in a poor condition you will get only an average price.

“None of this is rocket science.  Everything should be planned off farm very correctly and make sure everything is presented in the right way for market.”

York farmer Peter Boyle was another guest speaker at the Muchea sheep producers open day.

You’ll see Peter at Muchea almost every week purchasing stores and fattening them to specification for the live sheep trade. 

On average he buys 31,000 head a year.

“It costs me $400 a week at least with the crippled and cancerous sheep I get so I start walking past any mobs of sheep where I see that so it affects the seller by at least $5,” he said.

“If it keeps happening I would say that they’re going to be charged for the sheep that come in here.

“Don’t leave the disposal to me, do it yourself.”