News State Victoria News Halloween’s annual trick-or-treat walks end in hospital stays

Halloween’s annual trick-or-treat walks end in hospital stays

halloween toddler drugs
Police said the incident was isolated and no other reports of children falling ill have been reported in the Bacchus Marsh area. Photo: Seven News
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Halloween’s annual trick-or-treat walk has ended in a hospital visit for a three-year-old Victorian girl.

Victoria Police said toddler Abbey fell ill while trick-or-treating on Hallets Way in Bacchus Marsh on Thursday, after possibly ingesting prescription medication.

Police are investigating how the incident occurred as there were no similar reports in the area.

Abbey spent the night in hospital but was back at home by lunchtime on Friday, going through her Halloween bucket of lollies.

On Thursday night about 8pm, the child’s mother noticed that the little girl was not well and an ambulance was called and she was taken to Sunshine Hospital.

Police said investigators have been told that the child might have eaten prescription drug.

Her mother, named only as Tara, told the Nine Network her daughter was “zonked and wobbly on her feet”.

The girl found tablets, believed to be Seroquel, which is used to treat bipolar disorder and depression, in a zip-lock bag in her Halloween bucket, Nine reported.

“At this stage in the early investigation, it is not believed there is any malicious intent surrounding this incident,” a police spokesperson said on Friday morning.

“Police are treating this as an isolated incident and have not received any other reports of any similar incidents in the area.”

Police are continuing to investigate how the incident occurred.

There have been no similar reports in the area.

Meanwhile, in the US, a seven-year-old girl is in a critical condition after being shot by a stray bullet while out trick-or-treating with her family in Chicago.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the girl was thought to be an unintended victim after being shot in the upper chest. He said members of the community were helping police “but we need more”.

Police said a group of men were chasing another male along the street when someone in the group fired at the intended victim.

It was not immediately known if a man who was also wounded was with the girl or was the one targeted by the shooters.

“This is unacceptable,” Sergeant Rocco Alioto said.

“A seven-year-old girl that was trick-or-treating with her family had to get shot because a group of guys want to shoot at another male.”