News State Victoria News Grange Hermitage stolen from Melbourne home

Grange Hermitage stolen from Melbourne home

Penfolds Grange
Dozens of bottles of Grange Hermitage and Penfolds wines worth at least $14,000 have been stolen from a Melbourne home. Photo: Getty
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Dozens of collectable bottles of wine, some dating back to the 1960s and worth at least $14,000, have been stolen from a Melbourne home.

Thieves broke into the Como Street, Alphington, home on September 16 and took electrical and household items before raiding the wine cellar.

The list of stolen wines include four bottles of 1962 Grange Hermitage and 10 bottles of 1976 Penfolds Bin 389.

Wine expert and University of Melbourne lecturer Chris Barnes said the value estimate of $14,000 was conservative given the Grange 1962, one of which had $2.50 pencilled on it, was one of the “iconic years” for the brand and would now be worth about $1800 a bottle.

“Because it also produced what is one of the holy grail for wine collectors which is the 1962 Bin 60A Penfolds, which is the holy grail so that year in itself resonates,” he told 3AW radio.

Mr Barnes said anyone looking to make a mint off the wines though, might face some challenges.

“It’s not the sort of stuff that you can turn up to the secondary market with them on the back of a ute,” he said.

In order to sell the wine, it would have to be taken to an auction house where it will be assessed for its condition and provenance.

“That’s where you’re going to get unstuck, to deal with these auction houses you’ve got to be registered, you’ve got to have a buyer’s number,” Mr Barnes said.


Grange Hermitage:
* 4 bottles of 1962 vintage
* 2 bottles of 1966 vintage
*10 bottles of 1971 vintage
* 4 bottles of 1972 vintage
* 10 bottles of 1976 vintage

Penfolds St Henri:
* 3 bottles of 1976 vintage
* 10 bottles of 1971 vintage

Bass Phillip Premium Pinot Noir:
* 3 bottles of 2012 vintage

Penfolds Bin 389:
* 10 bottles of 1976 vintage
* Cullen Dianne Madelaine
* 2 bottles of 2002 vintage

Leeuwin Estate Cabernet:
* 3 bottles of 2005 vintage

Craiglee Shiraz/Viognier:
* 3 bottles of 2008 vintage.