News State Victoria Teen criminals to be tracked with electronic bracelets under Labor trial

Teen criminals to be tracked with electronic bracelets under Labor trial

electronic monitoring bracelet VIC
Labor plans to introduce legislation to roll out the trial later this year. Photo: AAP
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Violent Victorian teenagers could be tracked with electronic bracelets after serving time in custody, as part of a $2.1 million trial.

The Labor government announced on Wednesday it wants to subject youths aged 16 and 17 to more demanding parole conditions, like those imposed on serious adult offenders.

“For those who have been found guilty of a serious offence, have done their time, if they pose a risk upon release, then the youth parole board will have the opportunity for the first time to have electronic monitoring,” Premier Daniel Andrews told reporters.

“They already have those facilities from an adult parole point of view and that won’t just be electronic monitoring. There’ll be a facility for drug testing, alcohol testing if those have been contributing factors.”

Serious crimes included in the scheme would include aggravated home invasion, aggravated car jacking and culpable driving resulting in death.

The monitoring will be used to force youths to comply with parole conditions, such as curfews and restricted movement.

A bill to legislate the changes is due to reach parliament later in 2018 and must overcome the usual scrutiny before becoming law.

Opposition Leader Matthew Guy said the laws should have been introduced much sooner.

“It’s long overdue. I can’t believe it’s taken the government to the lead up to an election to take this matter seriously,” he told reporters.

A Victoria Police official told The New Daily the measure would enable officers “to intensively manage high-risk youth parolees”.

“These proposed laws are just one element amongst broader measures by many areas of government and community to prevent and deter young people from committing, or continuing to commit crime.” 

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