News State Victoria News ‘Ice zombie’ rapist sentenced to 18 years in jail

‘Ice zombie’ rapist sentenced to 18 years in jail

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Police are pleading for witnesses to the lethal melee to come forward. Photo: Supplied
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A violent balaclava-clad, ice-affected rapist who carefully planned his “vile” assaults on a woman and a girl will be in jail for at least 13 years.

Father-of-two Davut Bulduk said he was an “ice zombie” when he broke into the Melbourne homes of a 39-year-old mother in 2015 and a 16-year-old schoolgirl in 2016, terrifying and raping both of them.

“I couldn’t believe this thing happened to me in my home, my safe place,” the older woman told the court.

Victorian County Court judge Paul Lacava on Wednesday said the community must be protected from the 31-year-old’s “vile and repugnant” offending and sentenced him to a maximum of 18 years, with a 13-year non-parole period.

Bulduk found out from his first victim’s husband that she would be alone in her home and turned up as she got out of the shower, the court heard.

She was confronted by Bulduk standing naked, except for a balaclava, and holding a knife.

He told the mother to stop screaming or he’d kill her.

She’d recently had vaginal surgery and the stitches came undone during the assault, causing pain and bleeding.

Bulduk ordered her to clean herself up before he continued raping her.

Judge Lacava said this act, in light of the woman’s injury and pain, was the worst of the offending.

Two months later, Bulduk cased the home of a schoolgirl and planned his exit strategy before climbing up to her bedroom.

She awoke to find him standing in front of her wearing a balaclava and holding her underwear.

He pinched her nose tightly and told her not to make a sound.

The year 11 student pleaded with Bulduk to stop assaulting her, telling him she was only 14 and a virgin in a bid to deter him.

Bulduk told the court he had little memory of his crimes because he was high on ice at the time.

He described himself as an “ice zombie” and said he would not have raped the women had he not been using.

But Judge Lacava said the drug was only partly to blame because there was obvious planning involved in both assaults, as well as the use of a disguise.

Also, Bulduk had been using ice for 18 months prior so he knew the effect it had on him.

Both victims had permanent psychological damage and lived in constant fear, the judge said.

“The image of him coming back into my room is repeated in my head,” the girl told the court.

“I feel like this feeling will never leave me, even when I grow up.”

Her family sold their home in an attempt to get away from the scene of the crime and her mother blames herself for not being able to protect her child, the judge said.

Judge Lacava said Bulduk was remorseful and his early pleas of guilty earned him a slight discount on his sentence.

He will undergo a sex offenders program while in prison.

Bulduk was supported by his family in court.