News State Victoria News Intruder pulls knife on home owners after crashing in their bed for the night

Intruder pulls knife on home owners after crashing in their bed for the night

intruder sleeps in home owners' bed and pulls knife on them
Police called the case "very bizarre". Photo: Victoria Police.
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Victorian police are looking for a sleeping intruder who threatened home-owners with a knife after he they found him sleeping in their living room.

The home-owners have told police they found the man under a doona at the home on Heads Road in Donvale, in Melbourne’s east, about 11am on December 29.

The man had dragged a bed into the living room from a bedroom and made threats with a knife before fleeing on foot towards nearby Aquarius Court.

Senior Constable Brendan Keen told local paper, the Manningham Leader said the homeowners woke the intruder when they arrived home. He then asked if anyone else was inside before searching the rest of the house.

Sen-Constable Keen said the man then put the knife to the neck of the man’s wife before taking off.

“Understandably they are quite shaken up, especially the wife having a knife held to her … and not doing too great after this one,” Sen-Constable Keen told the paper.

The residents took photos and video of the man, which have since been released by police.

Intruder pulls knife on home owners
The owners found the man in their living room after he had dragged their bed there. Photo: Victoria Police.

No-one was injured in the incident and nothing was stolen, police said.

Investigators are looking for a man in his early 20s of Middle Eastern appearance, with dark eyebrows and a script tattoo on the left side of his chest.

He was wearing a black New York Yankees cap and black shorts at the time.

Police urged anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers.

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