News State Victoria News Victorian CWA supports same-sex marriage

Victorian CWA supports same-sex marriage

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Better known for its quilts and spongecakes, the Country Women’s Association of Australia addressed the Victorian State Conference last weekend, and baking was not on the agenda.

Instead, they wanted to talk about a social issue which has divided the federal parliament.

The organisation, which was founded in New South Wales in 1922 to “improve the conditions for women and children and make life better for families”, especially those in rural Australia, will write to the government asking it to approve same-sex marriage legislation.

Country Women’s Association of Australia National President and former Victorian President Dorothy Coombe said Victoria is the only state branch to vote on the matter.

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The issue was put up by the Victorian members for consideration and voted accordingly.

Australian Marriage Equality spokesman, Clint McGilvray welcomed the support.

“In our opinion they (Country Women’s Association) have been crucial in their continued commitment,” Mr McGilvray said.

“Marriage equality is about family, friends and real people … the CWA is made up of mothers, grandmothers and daughters and their support comes as a recognition these are people.

“Everyone has the same opportunity.”

But it is not the first time the CWA has thrown its support behind a contentious issue.

Since 2006, the association has fought for the legalisation of medical cannabis, before NSW, Victoria and South Australian Governments committed to clinical trials in 2016.

The Country Women’s Association of Victoria was established in 1928 and is an organisation for country and city women with over 5600 members.

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