News State Victoria News ‘Barbaric’ dog breeders fined $42,000

‘Barbaric’ dog breeders fined $42,000

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Two Victorian dog breeders who cropped dogs’ ears, cut their tails and threatened RSPCA inspectors investigating the abuse have been fined more than $40,000.

Thomas Kilafis and his wife, Christina, from Broadford, faced Seymour Magistrates’ Court this week for serious animal cruelty charges against dogs in their care.

The pair were fined for subjecting Dobermans to tail docking and ear cropping.

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An RSPCA vet said tail docking caused bone injuries and was the “equivalent to cutting off a human finger”.

These prohibited procedures, done purely for aesthetic reasons, have been illegal in Victoria since December 2007.

Kilafis was charged with allowing a prohibited procedure on five dogs, failing to provide veterinary treatment, and intimidating and threatening an inspector during the execution of a warrant.

His wife was charged with failing to provide veterinary treatment and for allowing a prohibited procedure.

Kilafis has been fined $40,000 while his wife has been fined $2000.

The couple have been ordered to pay medical costs of $3362.28 to the RSPCA.

The pair are also banned from being in charge of more than three adult dogs for 10 years, or from owning dogs with docked tails or cropped ears.

“They are barbaric and outdated practices that are rightly illegal throughout Australia,” RSPCA senior inspector Daniel Bode said in a statement.

“We will continue to take a no-tolerance approach to breeders flaunting this legislation and seek justice for the animal victims.”

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