News State Victoria News Sex, guns and local jobs: our weirdest parliament?

Sex, guns and local jobs: our weirdest parliament?

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Minor parties like the Shooters and Fishers Party have won a third of Victoria’s new upper house, creating an awkward predicament for the new Labor government in passing laws.

The new Daniel Andrews government holds 14 seats in the legislative council, the Coalition has 16, while minor parties and parties managed to secure 10 seats.

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In order to pass legislation, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews will need to convince at least seven of the crossbenchers members of the legislative council to support his policy.

The Greens have five sitting members in the upper house, the Shooters and Fishers Party has two, while the Sex Party, Vote 1 Local Jobs and the DLP have one sitting member.

Shooters and Fishers member Jeffrey Bourman told ABC radio he would push for gun control reform.

“Initially what I want to see is a review of our current firearm laws, and their actual effectiveness,” Mr Bourman said.

“I’m not for stronger or weaker firearm laws, I’m for effective firearm laws,” he said.

Mr Bourman said he had no desire to be at odds with the government, however, and would work with the Labor Party as best he could.

According to a report by The Australian, the Sex Party has a liberal agenda that will suit some Labor factions, while the Greens are in the middle of a “political war” with the ALP.

Sex Party founder Fiona Patten told the ABC upper house members had no desire to make parliament dysfunctional.

“I don’t think anyone is going in with that intention. I hope that many of us have learned from what we’ve seen at that federal level,” Ms Patten said.

“I think it also is very important for the small parties to prove … that we can operate cooperatively and that we can provide greater debate and transparency, which is what a good upper house should be doing”.

Victoria’s upper house

Labor Party: 14
Liberal Party: 14
Australian Greens: 5
National Party: 2
Shooters and Fishers Party: 2
Australian Sex Party: 1
Democractic Labor Party: 1
Vote 1 Local Jobs Party: 1

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