News State Victoria New home for dangerous criminals

New home for dangerous criminals

The maximum security unit will be built outside the existing Barwon Prison.
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A specialised maximum security unit will be built to house Victoria’s most dangerous criminals.

The multi-million-dollar facility will be constructed outside Barwon Prison, west of Melbourne.

It will house underworld criminals, outlaw motorcycle gang members and dangerous inmates.

Corrections Victoria Commissioner Jan Schuard said the unit will isolate dangerous prisoners from other inmates.

“These are the prisoners that present the biggest risk or threat to our system,” she said.

“They are high security because of the nature of their interactions within the system. They are considered to be those that it’s not safe for the system to have mixing in mainstream prison populations.”

The maximum security prison is expected to be completed in the second half of 2016.

“You will always have a very small percentage of your prison population that needs to be housed separately from the rest, and our prison population is growing,” Ms Schuard said.