News State Victoria Libs take suspected Mafia money

Libs take suspected Mafia money

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A report has revealed that a suspected Melbourne Mafia godfather helped to fund a Liberal Party marginal federal seat campaign in the 2013 election.

Fairfax Media report that Liberal politicians accepted the fundraising of the alleged crime figure despite being aware of his suspected involvement in organised crime.

The revelations have raised questions as to whether the proceeds of crime have ended up in Liberal Party coffers.

The alleged crime boss apparently hosted the “Bruce Campaign Fundraising Dinner”, a “successful” Liberal Party event held last year at his Docklands reception centre.

In attendance were Federal Liberal MP Russell Broadbent and Victorian Planning Minister Matthew Guy, who was guest speaker.

Mr Broadbent was aware of the donor’s crime ties after being implicated in a 2009 political donations investigation.

Waterfront Venues Melbourne, the functions complex where the event was held, is also co-owned by an alleged drug trafficker.

The same alleged trafficker was granted a visa in 2005 after the aforementioned accused Mafia boss campaigned to have the Howard government overturn its decision to deport the man on character grounds.

The matter, which was a potential bribery attempt, was investigated as part of a police probe in 2009.

The alleged crime boss has never been charged with a criminal offence and cannot be named due to criminal court suppression order.