News State Victoria News Melbourne bride forced to sign prenup

Melbourne bride forced to sign prenup

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A judge has ruled in favour of a Melbourne woman who claimed she was forced into signing a prenuptial agreement before marrying her now ex-husband.

Two days before a $35,000 wedding funded by her parents, the bride told the judge she was “ambushed” by her husband who threatened to leave her if she didn’t sign the agreement.

Rather than cancel the wedding, the bride agreed to sign knowing that she would face financial strife if the marriage broke down, according to the Herald Sun.

The woman, known only as Ms Parkes, had $10,000 in assets and some superannuation before her marriage and was forced to rely on welfare as the primary carer of her children after her marriage broke down.

In contrast, Ms Parkes former husband had substantial assets including a $280,000 investment property, a term deposit, superannuation and savings, which all grew throughout the course of the marriage.

According to the agreement, Ms Parkes was able to keep her assets but retained no access to her husband’s after their divorce.

Federal Circuit Court Judge Maurice Phipps found in favour of dismissing the agreement due to the “hardship” Ms Parkes would face if it was not set aside.