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Couple extradited for death

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A couple accused of the manslaughter of an elderly woman allegedly living in a shipping container in freezing conditions are expected to arrive in Tasmania on Thursday.

Michael and Jassy Anglin, of Cairns in Queensland, have been extradited to face the charges following the death of Ms Anglin’s 77-year-old mother Janet Mackozdi in July 2010.

Police allege a bizarre plot by the couple involved dressing the body and driving it to a hospital, where staff were told Ms Mackozdi had died on a car trip, a Cairns court heard on Tuesday.

A post-mortem examination showed the death probably occurred because of hypothermia in temperatures as low as -3C in Tasmania’s Derwent Valley.

The court heard Ms Mackozdi, who had the care needs of a three-year-old child, was housed in a shipping container.

Two Tasmania Police detectives were on their way to Cairns on Wednesday to assist two already on the ground to escort the couple, both aged in their 50s, to Hobart.

They have been denied bail and could appear in the Hobart Magistrates Court as early as Friday on charges of manslaughter.

Tasmania Police would not comment on how the charges came to be laid nearly four years after the death of Ms Mackozdi.

“The matter is before the court and we will not be addressing components of the allegation,” a spokesperson told AAP.

The Anglins relocated to Cairns for work and lifestyle reasons and not to flee investigations into the death, the Cairns court heard.