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Tasmanians head to the polls

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Tasmanians will go to the polls on March 15.

Labor premier Lara Giddings announced the date on Thursday.

Ms Giddings also announced the end of the coalition with the Greens which has kept Labor in power in Tasmania since the deadlocked 2010 election.

She said having Greens in cabinet has disappointed many Labor voters and she would campaign for a majority Labor government.

Opinion polls, however, indicate Ms Giddings will lose the election to the Liberal Party.

Ms Giddings said Labor and the Greens had fundamental differences over the impending pulp mill legislation.

She sacked Greens ministers Nick McKim and Cassy O’Connor from Cabinet on Thursday before announcing the election date.

“I’ve been talking to Labor Party members … and they all say to me ‘we don’t mind you and the Labor Party but we don’t like the Greens’,” she said.

[polldaddy poll=7719425]Ms Giddings said if another hung parliament was elected, Labor would not enter another power sharing arrangement with the Greens.

“We will only govern in our own right as Labor,” she said.

It will be Ms Giddings’ first election as party leader, having taking over as premier from David Bartlett who retired in 2011.

She admitted Labor will go into the election as the underdog.