News State SA News Postcard arrives in the mail a whopping 50 years after it was sent

Postcard arrives in the mail a whopping 50 years after it was sent

vintage postcard
The postcard was sent from Tahiti and featured an iconic building as its focal point. Photo: Facebook
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A husband and wife from Adelaide are claiming to have received a postcard in the mail a staggering 50 years after it was sent.

Tim and Clare Duffy from Wattle Park in Adelaide posted to Facebook last week to remark about a 50-year-old postcard – addressed to their home – that ended up in their letterbox.

“Don’t ever rubbish Australia post!” Mr Duffy wrote. “Post card from Tahiti dated 1966 arrived in our letterbox today for [the property’s] original owners!

“Better late than never.”

The couple told News Corp that they found the postcard under a water bill.

“It took a while to realise it was an old one,” Mr Duffy said. “I checked the post date and it’s 1966.”

The Duffys purchased the house nearly 18 months ago. Mr Duffy said he believed it was built in 1963 by an Italian man.

“There’s no way it could have been stored in there [the property’s original letterbox] that long. I would say the postman has put it in there,” he said.

The postcard is addressed to “Robert Giorgio”, from “Chris”. On the postcard it is written that Chris is “enjoying myself greatly” and that “the weather is very humid … I’ll try and drop you a note in England”.

The New Daily has contacted Mr and Mrs Duffy for comment. Australia Post has also been contacted for comment.

An Australia Post spokesperson told News Corp that the postcard seemed to have been stuck overseas, and apologised for the mishap.

“It is clear something went wrong 50 years ago after the postcard was posted in French Polynesia, and we apologise for the inconvenience,” the spokesperson said.

“Australia Post takes great pride in the timely, safe and efficient delivery of mail and we are confident that the vast majority of mail and parcels arrive on time.”

Mr Duffy said the postcard was sent from Papeete in French Polynesia [now Tahiti], and that he believed it to be addressed to the property’s original owner.

He speculated that it was sent by someone travelling by sea.

“It’s fresh enough although it is a bit faded and it’s got some damage to the top left, which looks like a bit of water damage,” Mr Duffy said.

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