News State SA News Woman finds brown snake in her Ugg boot

Woman finds brown snake in her Ugg boot

snake in ugg boot
When you're about to put your Uggs on, this is not what you want to see. Photo: Facebook
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It might be a slow start to snake season in Adelaide but one eastern brown has braved chilly weather for as long as it took to find a cosy refuge.

Snake Catchers Adelaide manager Rolly Burrell said a woman went to collect her Ugg boots from outside her house at Moana in the city’s south and saw a brown tail disappear into a boot.

“It saw her and shot into her Ugg boot,” he said.

“We picked up the shoe, tipped it out and dropped it into the bag. It was pretty easy to do.”

Mr Burrell said the company removed a snake from a shoe about once a year – last year from inside a rubber boot that had been hung upside down on a rack.

He said it had been such a cold winter and “everything wants to come out”.

“They’ll all be pretty hungry at the moment after hibernating,” Mr Burrell said.
“They’ve missed out on a month of roaming and mating.

“It’s nearly the end of September. Once we start getting some warm days, it’s going to go off with a bang.”

Brown snakes are considered the second most venomous snake in the world.

They mainly feast on mice, but are also known to eat frogs, birds and even other snakes.

Because of this brown snakes are attracted to rural and farming areas.


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