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SA govt wants Eastern time

Remember to set your clock an hour earlier on Saturday night, and complain about it in the morning.
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The South Australian government wants to move clocks forward 30 minutes to align with the eastern states, despite most voters rejecting the change.

Premier Jay Weatherill on Tuesday announced the government’s preferred time-zone change, saying it could put an extra $2.5 billion into the economy.

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But 42 per cent of people the government surveyed wanted SA to keep its current time zone.

A further 41 per cent preferred bringing the state 30 minutes closer to Western Australia and only 15 per cent were in favour of moving in line with Eastern-Standard Time.

The government said the half hour difference fed a perception that SA was out of touch.

Business SA welcomed a shift to EST, saying it could make businesses more competitive.

Mr Weatherill stressed no final decision had been made and that other issues, such as impacts on airlines and train timetables, had to be considered.

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