News State SA News New infra-red mobile speed cameras not for revenue raising

New infra-red mobile speed cameras not for revenue raising

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South Australian police say five new infra-red mobile speed cameras launched to catch motorists at night have nothing to do with revenue raising but everything to do with safety.

The new technology was being rolled out over the next few weeks and would detect speeding drivers as they approached the camera instead of in passing.

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Superintendent Bob Fauser said the new cameras were not being launched to raise more money from speeding fines but rather were designed first and foremost to prevent crashes.

“We know that speeding motorists cause the incidents that we are trying to prevent,” he said.

“The faster you go, the more likely you are to be in a crash.

“The faster you’re travelling when you are in a crash, the more serious the consequences.”

The new infra-red technology was being fitted onto existing mobile speed cameras at a cost of $57,000 and enabled the cameras to take a photo of a number plate without the use of a flash.

Superintendent Fauser said the technology had being used on the fixed camera network for the past two years.

“There is worldwide research that shows speeding camera technology reduced road speeds and reduced the types of instances we’re trying to prevent, serious and fatal injury crashes,” he said.

He said there was no evidence to suggest that more people sped at night.