News State SA News School re-opened after report of ‘teen with gun’

School re-opened after report of ‘teen with gun’

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South Australian’s Norwood Morialta High School has been re-opened after reports of a teenager with a gun put it into lockdown this morning.

Adelaide police had investigated a report a teenager, possibly in a Norwood Morialta High School uniform, is in the area and carrying a handgun.

The police say a campus of the school in the eastern suburb of Magill had been locked down as a precaution with students and staff locked in classrooms. But students are now allowed out of the classrooms and are waving at media.

Police say the matter was reported to them by a member of the public and there is no indication if a real or imitation weapon might be involved.

The South Australian police said the grounds were safe with no other reports had been made, and the school is back to normal operation.

“Following extensive enquiries and searches of the area, police have not found any firearm and the teenager has not been identified,” the police said in a statement.

“Police investigations will now focus on whether a current school production, which is using imitation firearms, is related to the initial report.”